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Full size snooker and snooker dining tables

Kingston full size snooker table

Full Size Snooker Tables

Sizes: 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 12ft

 Ariston snooker dining table Snooker Dining Tables

Sizes: 5ft, 6ft, 7ft

Skills required to make competition full size snooker tables are also
applied to snooker dining tables. Made to match your own decor.


There is much ambiguity over the term "snooker table".

On the one hand it is a table on which to play the specific game of "snooker", the billiards cue sport invented by British Army officers in 1884, and for which the rules are now strictly regulated by the WPBSA.

On the other, it is a broad term to describe a table on which any number of billiard games may be played.

Matchsnooker interprets both definitions. First we make full size snooker tables (12ft x 6ft) to comply rigidly with WPBSA tournament rules. And we also make a range of additional tables sizes (5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft) that allows for a specific, or a combination of, cue sports.

Ultimately it is the varying size of ball that determines the main table variants (pocket openings and cushion depth).

billiard ball size chart


Snooker Dining Tables set to play 5ft, 6ft or 7ft normally conform to English pool standards and 10-reds snooker. This relies on a 2inch (51mm) ball size. For 8ft, 9ft, 10ft and 12ft Snooker Dining tables we would apply the same corresponding standards for the larger 52.5m ball.

Notwithstanding, we can make any size of table to comply with any of the ball sizes within the complete range of billiard games, whether for serious competitive play of for practice 


In simple terms a snooker dining table is a snooker table with a removable top to allow the option to sit round the table.

Full size snooker table as a snooker diner

If we use a diner top for a full size table, it would normally be for boardroom meetings or banquets. If the table is used for serious play it has to be set at a playing height of 34 inches, which restricts practical dining. Moreover the weight of the table requires 8 sturdy-legs as support. It follows therefore that a diner top is more practical for layout meetings or self-serve buffets. The removable top would be in 5 separate sections, overlapping the cushion rails with a "skirt"

9ft and 10ft snooker tables as snooker diners

These are normally referred to as "three quarter size" tables, which again for serious play would be fixed at a playing height of 34 inches and be supported by 6 legs or 8 legs respectively.

8ft snooker tables as snooker diners

8ft (or half-size tables) bridge the gap between competition snooker which plays a full size snooker ball, and "snooker-pool" which plays a 2inch ball, permitting either 10-reds snooker or pub-pool. The latter is played at 31-inch playing height. With the option to use 4 legs this is most practical and optimises a snooker dining table application.

5ft, 6ft and 7ft snooker dining tables

These undersize tables lend themselves to modern and less formal dining. With these smaller tables a wider variety of ball retrieval systems can be employed to hide the traditional net and ball rail capture method, and to better fit as a modern dining table.


For those considering a full size or undersize snooker table, and to broaden its "convivial" dining functionality, it is clear there are many considerations which we have only touched upon. Please get in touch for  more personalised advice.  


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Alan Phillips in his Hull workshop making traditional bespoke snooker tables

Snooker tables by Alan Phillips

Alan Phillips, owner of Matchsnooker, has been making snooker tables for over 30 years. Equally important, he has played competition snooker at the highest regional level. Therefore not only does he know how a competition snooker should be made, he knows how it should play.

Made to order service

All snooker tables are made to order, complying with the appropriate national or international match-play standards. Pockets sizes, ball sizes and cushion-rubber thicknesses conform to appropriate snooker tournament rules, although snooker dining table dimensions can be deliberately varied to accommodate customer's available space. 

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