All snooker dining tables


Snooker dining table designed for modern kitchens

available in 5ft, 6ft and 7ft.


For slate bed tables the pedestal unit is supported
on the inside by a fabricated steel base and frame

Featured table is a 6ft model. Available in 5ft and 7ft


● made in Yorkshire, UK
● solid wood throughout
● snooker or pool size slates
● 2 inch balls

● unlimited colours
● match to sample service
● pedestal leg


Table Prices

5ft 6ft 7ft Optional diner tops from 250

Resin-bonded bed

2600 2900 3200

Slate bed

2900 3200 3300

These are bespoke prices and allow for any choice of paint-colour finish (to agreed samples), any cloth colour (to agreed samples) and any required variations in table dimensions on height. Prices also permit pocket and cushion variations for UK pool, American pool or Snooker. We include ball sets for any game, 3 separate sets of cues in any size from 36 inches upwards. Personal us-to-you delivery and professional installation (charge based on travelling time)  

Standard Table Sizes in Inches
  5ft 6ft 7ft

Table height normally set at 31inches. Can be varied.

Bed dimensions 60 x 30 66 x 35.5 75 x 39
Cueing dimensions 57 x 27 63 x 32.5 72 x 36
Dining dimensions 68 x 38 74 x 43.5 84 x 47

Any variations on these dimensions are offered.

We show examples of distinct styles. They are not stock items.
 Each table is made bespoke to individual needs.
Enquiries begin with email conversations


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