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End image of 7ft ash snooker dining table

From 2950

Snooker diner table

A contemporary design with drop pockets.

Shown here in solid ash with a grey-tint stain (also available in Oak, Walnut, Cherry and Mahogany).

7ft ash snooker dining table side image

A modern classic shape with a rigid carcass

corner pocket section of ash snooker diner


The 145mm wide leg houses a drop pocket capturing 6 balls

We can also custom make any type of ball-recovery system to suit your preference

We also offer a custom made top for table tennis



We make a table tennis professional top, complying with competition bounce standards. The size of the table top will obviously be determined by the size of your chosen table. If you want to play competition standard we would supply an 8ft table (to take a 9ft x 5ft top).


or any colour paint finishes (shown here in white)

we can supply cloth-colours from any established manufacturer.


Table Prices 5ft 6ft 7ft diner tops
fitted with slate bed POA 3450 4000 450-850
fitted with 25mm MDF bed 2850 2950 3450 450-850


● made in Yorkshire, UK
● solid hardwood throughout
● oak, mahogany ash or birch
● snooker or pool size slates
● 2 inch or full-size snooker balls

● unlimited colours
● match to sample service
● 5inch or 6 inch square legs
● from 2850


Postal address of workshop:
Alan Phillips of Match Snooker
West Point Trading Park
Liverpool Street
Hull HU3 4UU

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