All snooker dining tables



A square pool table with four pockets and shown here with end-dimensions equivalent to a 9ft table. Any size-dimension can be engineered. Tables comply with either UK pool or full-size snooker settings. An original design by Alan Phillips Snooker. Custom slate bed.



diner tops + stools + convivial + intimate   




frame perfectly squared + solid oak beams

 boxed-oak legs + bolted fixings

4 x deep bucket pockets + option of net pockets

shim levelled base




machined square slates + composition beds

pool or snooker cuts + precision adjusted

rigid and stable settings + baulk line or spots

competition cloth



bespoke to your space + any type of wood

choice of ball collection



Square tables work well with matching stools  A square table offers more functional dining or meeting space

Option of  25mm composition play surface

Tables are made on a bespoke basis.

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All snooker dining tables