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5ft oak pool  or snoker table

end view chunky oak 5ft pool table



Kitchen-size tables snooker diners made to competition standards, playing a full size ball. 5ft made-to-order snooker tables are ideal for those wanting to practice, or play a good quality social game, where there is limited space. This particular style has wide legs position on the outside of the, and employ a bucket pocket system where the balls drop into a hollow at the top of the leg. The simple minimalist design make them ideal as kitchen sets or as home study table. Any style can be created in any finish. Matching table tops and chairs are available.

Fitted with  reinforced one inch thick composition beds with guaranteed level (option of a 5ft slate bed if preferred). Slate beds readily available with 6ft snooker tables.

5ft oak pool table with one-piece diner top

Choice of oak finish, wide range of cloth colours

Painted chunky pine 5ft pool dining table

5ft pool table in painted pine with bucket pockets

Option of painted pine finish in any colour



Hand made in the UK to the same exacting standards as full size billiard tables. Featured snooker table has bucket pockets. Wide choice of cloth colours. English pool, American pool or snooker: 5ft or size to order. Patio models also available


   5ft pool table in medium oak finish in outdoor setting    




Plays at 60 ins x 30 ins Dines at 66 ins x 36 ins

Option to vary dimensions Options to vary height

Competition pockets Competition cushions

Competition cloth 2 inch pool or snooker balls

Resin bonded 25mm play surface Option of slate bed

Option of diner top Can be adapted for outside use

Table Prices

5ft 6ft 7ft Optional diner tops from 450

Resin-bonded bed

2850 2950 3100

Slate bed

N/A 3000 3150

These are bespoke prices and allow for any choice of paint-colour finish (to agreed samples), any cloth colour (to agreed samples) and any required variations in table dimensions on height. Prices also permit pocket and cushion variations for UK pool, American pool or Snooker. We include ball sets for any game, 3 separate sets of cues in any size from 36 inches upwards. Personal us-to-you delivery and professional installation (charge based on travelling time)  

Standard Table Sizes in Inches
  5ft 6ft 7ft

Competition table height normally set at 31inches. Can be varied.

Bed dimensions 60 x 30 66 x 35.5 75 x 39
Cueing dimensions 57 x 27 63 x 32.5 72 x 36
Dining dimensions 66 x 36 72 x 41.5 81 x 45

Any variations on these dimensions are offered

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