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Alfresco white snooker diner table set

6ft outdoor pool table in white finish with matching chairs


This snooker diner table is made from solid pine with 4-inch chamfered legs. The table frame is 4 x 1 inch side-panels with block mounted corner joints reinforced with parallel panels for extra stability and a square set. The cushion rails are also chamfered and fitted with retractable net drop (as shown) or with pocket rails.

6ft outside pool table in white with black cloth


The snooker diner playing surface is best-quality Italian slate. Competition quality cushion-rubber is used. with the option to use competition-quality speed cloth or napped cloth (napped cloth requires more protection and maintenance for outside use).

All timber parts are protected with 3 coats of brushed-on exterior paint. All adhesives are water resistant. All screws and fixings are appropriate for exterior use.

With appropriate care, and the use of a tarpaulin or similar when the table is not in use, the table will be resistant to weather damage. Because the snooker table superstructure is fixed to a drilled solid slate the table will resist noticeable warp or  movement. If an exterior-plywood playing surface is used (because there is no outside concrete-base) the bed is strengthened by steel-struts, which again will mitigate against warping

Fully Bespoke

solid pine or oak + 4 inch narrow straight legs

leather pockets + slate bed + exterior paint finish


One piece tops for:

weather protection + alfresco dining + ping pong

Additional tarpaulin protection is recommended when table is not in use

This style of table can also be made for indoor use and is ideal for kitchen or study use


All snooker diners are made to order and built by us on-site   

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